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Jun 8 2017

Tree Is Great

Among our constructions, trees contribute a big part to make our world modernized. In ancient time temples in the top of high mountain, all materials were from tress. They used enormous human power to cut huge trees as pillars to build their temple, keeping shape unchanged for over one hundred years or more.
Trees are independent, and strong. They grow from tiny trees and grow up to huge trees and formed a forest for thousands of years. They live in soil and grow by the rain and sun. Once they grow up, they do not fear any storm, fierce sun and awful rain.
Trees have to live on the soil, but also soil has to depend on trees to solid their soil. Without trees soil is easily to get landslide in rainy season and cracked in dry seasons. But, if there are trees, soil can be fully protected by the root of the trees, in a form of a soft stone.
From television we always see scenes of land slide, with soils, floods and even big stones from high mountain at the time of too long rainy season. But, we seldom see there are many trees together with the land slide. It is because tree roots can make soil together and rain cannot dissolve it. Human can build house or building on the mountain where is full of trees, upon such area, there has been no accident happened.
We, human, should learn from trees, to progress silently, to do anything independently, to live a life without any argument with any one. To enjoy our life within our sphere.