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Jun 9 2017

Keep Little Hungry

In the world of animal, except grass-eating animals, all meat-eating animals are always in the state of hunger. It is because that to seize grass-eating animals is not so easy which keep twenty four hour alert to run away in case of emergency.
In Africa, those animals like lion, leopard, wolf, are all meat-eaten animals and those which eat grass are buffalo, zebra, and deer.
Lion kills leopard and wolf to reduce competition in hunting, but they never eat meat of leopard and wolf. The reason is unknown.
Grass-eaten animals live together in group to have more security practically and psychologically. Buffalo and zebra are big in shape, bigger than that of lion. Lion has to use tactics to catch them, not to attack blindly, otherwise the power of zebra foot can wound lion seriously and the horn of buffalo can kill lion instantly.
However, meat-eaten animal are stronger in strength because they are hungry most of the time. For our human, it is better to keep ourselves in a state of hunger which will help our health in many ways. First, we will not be fat if our eating is controlled, reducing chance to have illness. Second, by eating less, we will be slim all the time and our burden of stomach much lessoned, making blood circulation running smoothly. If we apply a little hungry policy, we shall be certain by having less illness in our life.