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Jun 10 2017


Everybody knows that sleep is so important to health. If we sleep well in the night, we shall have high spirit the next day, but on the contrary, if we do not sleep enough, we will feel fatigue tomorrow.
At the same time, short of sleep will cause many kinds of illness, body resistance down, appetite lost ,health condition getting worse, For young people, he will have less concentration in work and for middle aged men, he will be older faster and finally for old men, he will not live long life.
Therefore, we must pay attention to sleep very seriously, but a good sleep is not easy to obtain. There are many reasons why we cannot sleep well. Different age has different reasons of losing sleep.
Once we cannot sleep as we should, we must take sleeping medicine to help our sleep. But by taking sleeping pills for a long time, it will hurt our heart and kidney or some other organs of our body. In addition, we have to increase the quantity of pills in order to keep a good quality of sleep.
Losing sleep of longer period will hurt our nervous system, making our memory to be lost. Watch sleep carefully every night to avoid tragedy in our life.
To have a good sleep, we must live our life properly, going bed early, up early, to have enough exercise, to have a balanced diet, to digest smoothly, all of which are necessary factors for a good sleep.