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Jun 11 2017


Among Chinese language, idioms are frequently used in our writing. It is true that idioms are concise in character, usually four characters forming an idiom, but the meaning is so wide to cover a great area of what you wish to say.
In our daily life, we always use idioms in our conversation which can shorter the length of time in speaking. Therefore, idioms help us a lot in the way of our life.
But, to learn idioms, we need mostly to learn from books which can teach idioms in high standard. If we learn from street conversation, idioms are mostly of the low quality.
Chinese idioms are all from ancient days of our ancestor’s experience, representing meaning in concise way, condensing idea in four characters, which has proved so useful and practical in our life.
If you are well educated, you can use idioms in a more advanced way. By using the idioms, we can find the person of his standard whether he is the one of educated or non-educated.
Idioms are really of beautiful phrases by which you can write a good article if you know how to combine idioms together It is not easy to do so, only learned person able to do such task.
A foreigner, even he is so good in Chinese literature, cannot use our idioms freely and properly, because he does not know our life in a wide and deep way.