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Jun 12 2017


Young persons never think the word of “old” even in their dream. They only feel they are forever young, thinking the time going too slow, delaying their desire to grow up quickly.
But, when you reach the later stage of your middle age, you feel the shadow of old age getting nearer. The period of your youth is gone, energy not so active as before, small illness appearing from time to time. Winter of life is coming.
When a person arrives at the age of fifty, he begins to feel that he is no more young and autumn in his life is in motion.
But, in today’s world, people at fifty years of age are still very active, able to do many things, especially on heavy responsibilities which his family and society requires. Such age periods are their golden time, the best time of their life.
Then what is the age we can call old age. Generally speaking it should be at seventy years old, from which age, we feel our physical condition is getting weaker, unable to do things which need more labour. Our appetite is not so good as before, digesting slow, causing more stomach trouble.
At the age of eighty, men at this age are all unhappy. It is because they know the beautiful world belongs to them no more. They have wealth but they cannot use their wealth in a way they desire. It is the situation of old people mostly.