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Jun 13 2017


Brain is human’s computer. Human’s body is hardware, brain software. If there is no brain, human cannot do anything. Brain is the head quarter to instruct body to do anything as from brain’s idea. Therefore, we have to protect our brain as the first importance in our life. Without a brain, we shall be a fool.
Nowadays, many old people have dementia. It is because their brain is no more working, and they cannot remember past things, and even worse, they do not recognize their closest ones as close as their children. They do not feel any pain by themselves because they are already senseless, but to their family member it is a sad thing to their daily life.
To make brain active and clear, we must keep a good and smooth circulation in our blood vessel. Therefore, we have to eat less meat and instead, more vegetables should be as our main food. It is the only way to reduce chance of having a dementia by old people.
Somebody received shock by car accident, causing their brains to no longer function properly. Such cases happen frequently nowadays.
Therefore, we have to protect our brain not only by food, but also we have to avoid doing dangerous things, in order to minimize our chance of getting hurts. Less drinking alcohol is also the key importance to keep a good brain.