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Jun 14 2017

Do What You Said

In this world, there are three kinds of people. One is the kind of person who only says but never does what he has said. Another kind is to do silently by himself without telling others what he is doing. Last kind is the person who will pronounce to everyone what he is going to do in his coming future.
We understand that the first kind of person is not respected by the society, and even we can say that he is the person to be despised by all the people he knows.
Second kind of person is acceptable to the society because he works silently. If he fails in what he is doing, it is only known to himself. He does not need to tell anyone for his failure, but if he is successful, he can announce his success. So, his way of life may be advantages to him who will he regarded as a person of stability.
Last kind of person is to speak to others for what he will do in the near future. Once he speaks out, he will have a responsibility for what he said and many people will watch him for his performance. Such person is more respected by many people if he can complete things which he announced. Therefore, honor and disgrace is only a thread separation. If he does deeds as he promised, he will be respected, but if failed, he will be called a disgraced person. Be careful not to speak anything before you do, but once you speak out, you must do it as a man of honor.