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Jun 15 2017

Stomach is Powerful

We all know that heart is so important to our life. If heart ceased, our life is gone. But, stomach is different. Even our stomach is hurt, we can still live on, and slowly, stomach function will go back to normal. It is a proof that stomach is great.
In spite of the fact that stomach is powerful, we have to pay much attention to the maintenance of the stomach. It is because stomach works twenty four hours a day which is still working while we are in sleep, digesting our food we eat during the day.
In a film of documentary, we saw a huge snake, swallowing a wild pig into its mouth slowly moving into its stomach. After the snake swallowed the whole pig, it could not move anymore. The snake had to lie on the spot as where it was. It took few months for the snake to digest the whole pig before it could move away.
We are human who also should not eat too much in order to keep the function of the stomach in proper way. Suppose we are at age of eighty that the stomach has worked for us eighty years already. If we are not careful, the stomach will surely not function well and cause us to have many illnesses in one way or another.
Live our life properly and have a balanced diet. Never drink alcohol too much which will definite hurt our stomach if we over-drink alcohol for a long period.