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Jun 16 2017

Everything To Our Wish

All of us wish that in our life everything is to our wish, not against. But, in most cases, many things are against our wish and we have to live a life under disappointment. Therefore, we have to prepare a philosophy to face anything calmly in case something falls upon us unhappily.
Sometime, when we are sure of our plans to be successful, but at the end, it fails. We do not know why. To remedy our philosophy, we have to hope things for the best, but, also, on the other hand, we prepare worst. If we are successful, we will surely be happy, but if fail, we shall not be so much disappointed and, besides, we shall start again to continue our plan.
For things in the world, we should prepare for the worst results. If we only wish to win, and not prepare to lose, we will surely face serious disappointment in most of the time.
Many successful people whom we envy for their success are those who suffered many setbacks in the way of their fighting against their goal. They failed and failed, but finally reached the goal of success.
Actually no matter in what field we are, we can only do our best. Let everything go naturally, neglecting the consequence what it will be. If good, we are happy, if no good, try again. It is not the end of the world. “There is life, there is hope.” which proverb should be our guidance in life to deal with everything.