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Jun 17 2017

Who Cares About You

If you wish others to take care of you, you are wrong. In this world, except your parent, no one will care about you. Somebody cares about you it is because he can have benefit from you. Therefore, you have to build your independent thinking, not to depend on anyone under any circumstance.
It should be a principle of our life that we live ourselves powerfully, not to seek any help from others. Of course, we can use money to get service from others at a fair basis.
Someone say that I am very lonely that no one cares about me. It is absolutely wrong for such a person to say such words. This proves that this person is a weak character as well as ignorant. Every human is an individual body of his own and there is no reason for others to care about you since you are an individual human.
You must be strong to take care of yourself. First, plan to live a simple life by which you will then build a foundation of taking care of yourself. Second, actually is more important than the first that you have to keep a good health of your own at any moment. Without a good health to support behind, you can do nothing. For an ill person is a person of uselessness in life. To conclude, if we want to be a powerful and independent person, we must take care of our health as a number one importance in our life.