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Jun 18 2017


Regarding dream, there are many kinds in nature, such as terrible dream, exciting dream, sweet dream or any nonsense dream. But what we do not know is what we will dream tonight.
Somebody with good philosophy will have no dream. But, this saying has not proved so far. As long as we are human, dream is natural. Even the animal have dream too as we can see from their reactions while they are on steep.
In the Bible of the Old Testament, many kings pay attention very much to dreams. In the court, there is a minister to analysis dreams from the king.
In 19th century, there was a philosopher Kipling who said that you could have dream, but you must not think that dream was your master. It tells us very clearly that dream is only a dream, not a reality.
Many dreams are mostly nonsense in their nature. It is meaningless and you will not remember after you wake up what the content is.
If you use your dream to decide future, you are a fool. Dream is empty and is meaningless. It is nothing to be connected with our real life.
So far scientists cannot find out why there is dream. There is no medicine to cure as dream is not a kind of sickness. The only thing we can do is to take sleeping pills which may reduce dreams to certain extent.