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Jun 19 2017


Money is a necessity in our life. Without money we cannot be alive. Therefore, we have to earn money by hard work to maintain our living in this world.
Money is lovely, but also awful. Friends, due to argument about money, become enemy and hostile to each other. Brothers and sisters, for the sake of parents legacy, fight against each other and finally go to court for a settlement.
In the society, some bad people committed murder because of money. Therefore, most people in the prisons are those who offended law because they got money illegally.
We need money, but we have to make it by labour, forbidding ourselves to get money illegally. Simple life is the way to keep us from doing illegal thing. It is because that simple life does not need so much money to support our living.
Of course, if you are a man of unhealthy character, gambling and drinking as part of your life, you will surely fall into debt. It such case, you will make money in whatever way you can even to offend law.
If you want to be rich, you have to save money from small amount. By years passing on, you will then accumulate money slowly and one day for sure you will be a rich man. But, Rome was not built in one day and therefore, starts to build your Rome from today.