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Jun 20 2017


We have life only once and cannot live once more. Life is stubborn, but also weak. We may live up to eighty or ninety if no accident happening to us, or we may die at any moment by some accidents.
Whether you are rich or poor, surely you wish to live as long as you can. Chinese has a saying: “Better to live ugly than to die in glory.”
In one documentary, we saw thousands and thousands of sea turtles swimming to the beach of one isolated island. At that beach they laid their eggs and buried them in a hole under sand. Then, they swam again to the sea, leaving their eggs underground without paying further care.
After a certain time, small turtles appeared from sand holes and rushed to the sea. The baby turtles were so big in number, tens of thousands crowding in the beach. Many were eaten by animals waiting by the side of beach. Of course, there were still a great number which escaped to the sea.
From here we can see that whether it is the human or the animals, life is precious and more difficult is for life to be survive. Therefore we should be very careful to keep our life in good condition.
Live our life decently, away from unhealthy life, such as over drinking of alcohol and gambling or anything which can shorter our life.