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Jun 21 2017

Human Heart

As a matter of fact, most of human hearts are greedy. We need everything more and more, never be satisfied. Greedy is human’s weakness, creating a great deal of troubles between humans.
For example, when we help somebody, most of them would not appreciate. Instead, they need more in terms of finance. It is because you are rich. To them, they feel you help too little in comparison of your wealth. Such things frequently happen among your friends and relative.
So, when we help, we must not expect reward that someday they will help back and on the other hand, you should not need thanks form them. It is in most cases that people do not remember gratitude.
It is true that human heart is greedy, including ourselves. But, greedy is really not good, and finally we ourselves will be the loser if we are greedy.
If we do not want to be greedy, we must live simple life. It is because simple life does not need much money. Only luxurious life will require big amount of money. As long as we do not need to spend more money in our simple life, greedy will be away from us.
In spite of the fact that human heart is difficult to understand and we do not know how to face them. But, by keeping ourselves in a life of simplicity, people will be difficult to hurt us and we, therefore, can live a peaceful life.