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Jun 22 2017

Body Weight

When you reach at middle age, you will watch your weight more seriously. If not careful, you will have high blood pleasure and if you are an old man, you will have more chance to be in stroke.
If you are in high blood pressure, you will have more illness, especially easy to get stroke. Therefore, if you are old, you should measure your blood pressure every day to avoid any accident which may happen to you.
But, to reduce weight is not easy. The quickest way is to keep yourself in hunger, which is extreme but fast result, you can reduce two pounds in one day.
If you apply another way to reduce, and that way is not to eat rice, and to eat food only, and, of course, meat should be eaten less. By this method, you may reduce few pounds in a month, and will not hurt your health. But, to fulfill our goal, you must have a spirit of persistence.
If you do not watch your weight, you will become a fat man slowly. Once you get fat, to reduce weight will be more difficult.
A fat man is slow in action and besides, minor illness will fall upon you frequently. You will feel tired to do any exercise because of your fatness.