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Jun 23 2017


“Anger” should be very carefully controlled. If a young man cannot control anger, he may commit himself into crime by hurting other people or he himself may be hurt by others. Therefore, before you get into anger, you must consider the consequence at the last moment.
From movies and television, we see old men fall into stroke when he gets angry. It is so important that old people must keep a peaceful mood all the time.
Anger is absolutely harmful to your health. It makes your blood pressure getting higher and your heart beating faster. But, we are human and when somebody harms us, we surely will fall into anger. The best way to avoid anger is to go away from the spot in case somebody hurts us unreasonably. But, still we should try to keep our mood peacefully to face any unhappy events which may fall upon us unexpectedly.
If you want to keep a peace mood, you had better to learn from turtle. We always see that many animals of different kinds are fighting together, but we never see turtle fighting. Besides, turtle life is very long, living to over one hundred years mostly provided no accident happening to it in its whole life.
Therefore, old people should particularly watch himself not to be hurt by anybody in any circumstance especially by their own children. It is usually the fact that old people are hurt by their own children whom they are blood related. Outsiders are not easy to hurt old people.