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Jun 24 2017

Delay Aging

Everybody will be old and will die. This is the natural cycle of life to which no one can resist. But, still we find that someone dies at seventy and someone lives up to ninety and even more. What is the reason? It is because we have a different way to live individually. Someone lives a decent life, and someone lives a crazy life. Different style of life decides the person to live long or to die early.
We cannot stop aging, but we can delay aging. In such case, we have to pay our price how to get a delay aging.
First, we need an ample sleep every day. As a good sleep can remedy our body of fatigue which comes in our daily labour. Once we have remedied our body, we will feel fresh again, to make a beautiful life the next day.
Second, we need to eat healthy food, to eat a balance diet of nourish food. It does not need to be expensive food. Cheap food is good as well to our health.
Exercise is important to our health, to delay our aging. It is because exercise makes our blood circulation quick and good circulation, which is like mountain stream, drives away many illnesses from us.
To delay aging means you will look younger, if you are at the same age with others. Of course, you will have to take a great care in your daily life. Remember: “No pain, no gain.”