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Jun 25 2017


We all fear about snake which has poison in its teeth. If we are bit, we may die. But, if you do not hurt it, it will not bite you by itself.
Snake has no family. When mother snake lay down many eggs, it will wait by egg’s side until the baby snakes break out from egg shells. Then, the mother snake will leave the baby snakes and go to somewhere unknown alone. Baby snakes will also go to different direction blindly without saying goodbye to brothers and sisters. That is the life and destiny of snakes.
In the cave of snakes, there are many snakes crowding together, but they are not families. They all come from different place, just to live together in the snake society.
There is one kind of snake, called King Snake, which eats other snakes as its food. It is not very big in size, but with big strength. King Snake can easily kill other snakes because of its big strength.
Snakes do not have many natural enemies because other animals are afraid of its poisons. But, in North America, there is a special kind of animals, called Melesmeles, which is not afraid of poison and eat snakes as its food.
Many farmers like snakes in their fields to reduce the number of rats which eat crops. With snakes in their fields, the number of rats sharply drops.