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Jun 26 2017


The best season in a year is autumn. Spring is still cold and wet. Summer is too hot. Winter is full of snow and ice. But, autumn is in good weather, neither hot nor cold, temperature lowering to twenty degrees from thirty degrees in hot summers. In the morning, we will feel a little chilly, but very comfortable to our body temperature.
In autumn, leaves are falling down from trees, a deserted scenery slowly appearing in the air. We see broken branches from trees spreading everywhere. Red flowers and green leaves are gone with the wind. It is just like a middle aged man going to the early stage of old.
But, in autumn, it is fit for us to travel. There is no raining as in spring time, no fierce sun as in summer, no snow as in winter. We can just take light luggage and go to any where we like, enjoying the scenery of the world we have planned to see.
Almost, many countries in the zone of cold climate, only autumn are fit to see, spring still frozen, summer too hot, winter too cold. But, you can move freely to see any scenery in autumn.
Still, even autumn is a good season to travel, it can only apply to young and middle aged men. It is not fit for old people, who will not be accustomed to eat food in different countries. The best policy for old people is to stay in their own country unmoved, like a turtle which life is always in motionless manner.