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Jun 28 2017

Life Is Not A Dream

Writers always write that life is a dream in their books. But, in reality, it is not a dream. We cannot live in our way we like. We have to work hard and obey the law. We have to deal with people politely. We have to manage our finance carefully, spending less than our income. We have to take care our health all the time in order to live healthily.
Because life is not a dream, we have to build our right philosophy to live our life. A young man, when he is at eighteen, is an age of independence by law. He does not have to live under parents orders. He can have his own ideals to be a President or to be a bandit. He can decide to do anything he likes with a consequence of his own.
We have received our fundamental knowledge from school, but such knowledge cannot form our life philosophy. We have to learn from different source of knowledge to make a direction we are to go.
Generally everybody is clever, but clever does not represent wisdom. If we need wisdom, we need to learn from our ancestor’s experience which will guide us to go forward in a right direction.
Many people started ten years ago to work hard to build a career he desired, but ten years passed, he still is at original place without any progress. It is because he has no wisdom. He wasted his time and energy on wrong place and wrong goals.