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Jun 29 2017

Today, Tomorrow

We live at the present moment which is today. Yesterday is gone and never comes back. Tomorrow is unknown and we do not know what will happen tomorrow. But, today is real. We will only feel hungry today, not yesterday or tomorrow.
But, today’s continuity is tomorrow. What we do today will appear result tomorrow. We all hope tomorrow to be better. But, tomorrow goodness will only depend on hard work today. If we do not sow today, how can we have harvest tomorrow?
Our lifestyle today, if accumulated long time, will decide our fate in future. If we drink alcohol much every day, it is to be sure that we will have lever illness or even worse lever cancer. If we eat too much meat every day, we will then have chance to have blood vessel blockade. Of course, if we take regular exercise, we shall have good health and long life as a reward.
Therefore, anything we do today should be very careful, not to hurt ourself in future. Especially to middle aged man, he should take a particular precaution for his health. A long life needs a good care of health every day. Watch your life style today and only a good care will prolong your life.
But, today is so short which is very quickly turn into tomorrow. Therefore, do what you should do today, not putting aside things to tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.