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Jun 30 2017

Animal Center

Westerners love animals more than Orientals. Some of them love animals too crazy, treating animals like their own children, caring them with full heart, even sacrificing their sleeping time.
In Australia, there was a kangaroo centre, particularly to feed orphan kangaroo which parents were dead for various reasons. The person in charge plunged his full efforts to the kangaroo, twenty four hours a day together with them, eating and sleeping together, like a family in his life. This person was single, and all his life was in the centre of the suburb, no Sunday, no holiday. To him, kangaroo was his life.
In America, there is Animals Rescue Centre which duty is to rescue animals which are tortured by owners. Some families, they bought dogs and cats as their pets. In the beginning, they love them very much, but later on, they do not take care of them. Neighbours may report such situation to the Rescuer centre who will come to take the animals away.
The policy of Animals rescue centre is very clear. They take the animals, dogs and cats mostly, and they clean and cure them. Afterward, they will let those dogs or cats to be adopted by people who love animals. If those animals are not adopted after three months, they will be annihilated in a humanly way.


July 1st 2015 – June 30th 2017 “Soft Hour” author Lone Turtle
“To study old, new knowledge will be discovered.” – Chinese proverb
“Old soldiers never die. They only fade away.” - MacArthur